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I’ve been modeling on and off for two years and I just recently started on my porn career.

I’ve had points in my adult life where I had nothing. When I was down to my last dollar. God has blessed me and I try to help others as much as I can. I also twice a year will make care packages and pass them out to homeless people around the Las Vegas area. I try to make examples out of this. Some times it just takes one person.

I have been getting tattooed since I was 16.  My life is on my body. It’s the only thing I’m taking with me to my grave.

I have had nothing in life. From eating a cup o noodles a day to having no car, stressed out. I’ll never forget where I came from. Life is beautiful. I live by love, helping others, and appreciating life.

Today can be the worst day of my life. Doesn’t mean tomorrow won’t be the best. I live day by day.

I am a PROUD marijuana activist and I think it makes everything and everyone around you better. I travel often and I am hoping to travel a lot more in 2014. I have a lot of goals for myself. I look at it as I am starting at A and I need to get to Z. The alphabet in between is what I have to go through to get to Z. I feel like I’m at a B- right now.

Sheena Rose

Shower time w/ Sheena....


Shower time w/ Sheena….


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